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Kettlebell Classics

Interessante Kettlebell – Bilder in einem Video Clip zusammengefasst!
Historisches über Kettlebells das ihr wahrscheinlich vorher noch nicht gesehen habt…

Schaut es euch an !

October 18, 2009   3 Comments

Review and Results of the Cross World GS Kettlebell Competition 10/2009

meine kettlebells
Last weekend, from the 2. – 4. october 09, took the worldwide virtual Cross World Kettlebell Event place. Everybody could take part just for the sake of Lifting. To compare themselves internationally or/and to breath some competition air! You could choose from the regular GS Lifts or from 2 Beginner Lifts like the Freestyle Snatch.
Personally, I think its a great idea what the Finish Kettlebell Association with Marko Suomi has called into life and I hope they will keep it up!
Thank you!
About 136 Lifters from all over Europe, some from Australia and USA participated and showed their lifting results. Some of them, like Thierry Sanchez in Denmark, hosted the Event in gyms, where the lifters came together and competed. Also the Royal Life Guards Denmark showed up with over 50 people on their lifting date to compete. As well groups from Finland, Norway and Germany where ready to proof themselves! Of course, some single lifters from different countries who worked hard at home sent in their results,too.
So did I! I was the only one from Switzerland who competed and I did my best at home. Marina, a strong Lady from Germany mailed me her performance. She did 3 disciplines with 8 kg very well and i think she is ready now to move up to the 12kg bells! ;-)

For the Cross World 10/2009 results click here!

I decided to make the “bloody” sunday to my lifting day! I chose 3 disciplines which I splitted over the day. First I performed the hardest one (my opinion), the Freestyle Snatch. After a good break and recovering myself  I went for the GS Snatch and last but not least the Overhead Anyhow.
I went on all of the Lifts for 10 minutes. This was my first time and I did not train especially towards to this Event. I just gave it a try!

Freestyle Snatch aka Secret Service Snatch Test (SSST)
First attempt with a 24 kg bell for 10 min. Multiple Hand changes and rests were allowed, just try to do as many reps as possible.
I decided to go for the following tactic: pyramid ladder alternating hands until 10 reps, then down again to 1. Example: 1,2,..8,9,10 – 9,8,7…2,1, on each hand and change after each step, summary would be 200 reps! Sounds good…mh…but that was just theory !!!
The Reality caught up with me at ladder 8! First break and the tactic was gone! From now on I just did once a 10/10 rep and then I mixed it up and just tried to survive! Finally I managed 126 reps! Looking forward to improve this one. A lots of work to do!

GS – Snatch
First attempt on a GS – Snatch with 16 kg. My goal was simple to stand the 10 minutes with just one hand change without putting the Kettlebell down!
The more the time passed more harder it became, especially in the forearm and wrist.
The only 128 reps in the Competition Snatch was a good experience. There is plenty of space left!
BTW: After approx. 4:30 min. the cam switched off – battery empty. :-)

Overhead Anyhow – Clean & Press
At the end of the day I did the Overhead Anyhow with a 24 kg Kettlebell. Again multiple hand changes and rests as needed were allowed. For this Lift I had no goal or some tactic. I just tried to do as many reps as possible in this 10 minutes.
I scored 96 reps.
Not that much, but without special preparation and for the first time not too bad.

At the end of the day I was satisfied with my work.
I could see were I stand, identified my first PR`s and had a small insight into the world of the Girevoy Sport obtained. I realized that there is a lot of work to do not only regarding the strength, also regarding the technic, rhythm, breathing and the energy efficiency.
In the future I will involve the Girevoy sport and his regular disciplines more in my workout schedule and will improve it!
For any advise or tips to start and develop my GS Training I would be very appreciated!
Questions, statements or what ever… please drop  a comment below!

stay strong and healthy

PS: At the next Cross World Event I plan to get some Lifters around me here in Basel to move the bells up. Its just more fun and much more motivating together and pushing each other to a better performance!

October 10, 2009   7 Comments